Kat Carr – Writer

About Me

So … can you keep a secret?

Here’s my story. Well, not the whole story (snore!), just the bit about how I became a writer, a little bit backwards. (Please don’t tell everyone. I think this is where I’m supposed to sound like I planned the whole thing.)

You see, I didn’t always know I would become a writer. As a child, the thought never crossed my mind. I was far too busy putting on plays. As an adult, life had other ideas, until a wonderful accident happened. About twenty years ago, my love of Musical Theatre collided with an opportunity to write and direct shows (you can read more about that on my Musical Theatre page if you are so inclined). For lots of years I was busy ‘putting on plays’ again, happily creative and creatively happy, shoe-horning my love of words and comedy into spare minutes around work and family and the general spaghetti of life.


OK that didn’t happen.


What did happen was this: Life got crazy and kind of out of control. I know you will relate because the world is officially mad, am I right?  Stories were my happy place, every spare minute. When I wasn’t writing, I would read, share stories with my kids, movies with my husband or friends. It worked every time – no surprises there. What surprised me was an idea – a book that I wanted to write. I shrugged it away for a while, but it kept coming back … and back … like it had a mind of its own. I knew from experience that when ideas won’t go away, the only way to silence them is to write them down. So I did. From that I learned that writing a novel was an even better means of escape.  My main character was fun to hang out with, and it’s amazing to be the puppet master. I loved it! And that’s where the backwards thing comes in (shh!). Full disclosure:


First I wrote a book, and then I decided I wanted to be a writer.


Next stop: Writing craft obsession.

The more I learn, the more I want to know, and now I am officially hooked.  Hooked on words, hooked on the process, and in awe of the generous, supportive networks of writers, editors, and mentors I continue to meet along the way.

Fast forward a few years, and my stories on the page are not the only things I have re-written and re-worked. I have also reinvented my own story … aka my crazy out-of-control life. Now I can spend my days immersed in worlds where I can control things (calling Dr Freud!) and it is heaven.

I live in beautiful Far North Queensland with my husband and our four not-so-little ‘performers’. I also live in my world of words: Writing, reading, listening, learning, and talking about all of that – generally followed by more talking.

My family and friends are very glad I decided to become a writer.

It gives their ears a rest!

I’d love to hear about your journey to becoming a writer or a reader, or both

(and hey, your secrets are safe with me).