Kat Carr – Writer

Musical Theatre

My love of Musical Theatre started in school, and I would like to personally thank every music and drama teacher who has ever given a kid like me a chance to fall in love with this amazing art form. I now write musical comedy for schools in the hope of giving kids the same opportunity. Aside from the academic, social and emotional benefits, theatre in schools spawns not just the performers, but also the audiences, of the future.


Theatre is all about collaboration, common goals and fun. It has given me amazing experiences and lifelong friends. Best of all, it brought me a love of creating entertainment. A reason to write.

Performing led me to writing: Plays, reviews, sketch comedy, farce and satire.  In our regional city, the local musical theatre scene punches well above its weight through the portal of a 100-year-old institution: The Cairns Choral Society.

The modern iteration of this legacy is known for its talent and professional production values, and is followed by a loyal and appreciative audience. I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to write and direct six Comedy Theatre Restaurant Shows, and two Cabaret Shows for CCS.

Here are a couple of reviews from Facebook from my 2018 Theatre Restaurant, The Phony Awards:

In 2021 the new normal brought a new idea – Cabaret and Cocktails. A shaken and stirred mixture of Cabaret, Comedy and Live Jazz. It was such a success, and so much fun to write, direct and perform, we’re bringing it back in a fresh new format.